Novus by Lang Dental August 2012

Both my patient and I really like Novus resilient liner.  Quick disclosure; I do not do a lot of dentures so I may not be the best person to be testing this product.  I do happen to have the perfect patient for this product though.  She has almost no mandible bone left.  Her muscle attachments, mental nerve, and IAN are all basically right on the ridge and she can accept very little to no pressure in those areas.  She wore a tooth locator overdenture for about 3-4 years before 1 of the teeth broke and we had to place an implant.  Because of her pain situation the teeth/locators were definitely over-loaded.  Well during the time she had that denture we used multiple acrylic based reliners and many tissue conditioners.  None worked well.  Novus is by far the best product we have used for her.  It adjusts so easily and looks and feels great.  I would love to compare it to a silicone product like Moloplast-B by Buffalo as others seem to rave about that.  My lab did not like Novus that much, they said it was hard to work with.  It was the first time they used it though and I imagine that is part of it.

Here is my blog post on the different types of denture liners.

Here is the denture with the 1 locator waiting for the
implant to heal.  Tried to extract and load an implant immediately and
lost it so now going to let heal 3 months.

I bought it.

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