Braces are for adults too!

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

So you think because you are a mother or father that you are too old to
get braces? Or you are in college and don’t want them because of your
active social life? Well, no one is too old for braces!
The truth is
that teeth move through bone, so the fallacy of teeth not moving when
you stop growing needs to be removed. Growth does not matter if you just
want to move teeth (yes, growth is helpful when we want to use it in
our ortho treatment!).

There are many ways high schoolers, college students, and adults of all ages can get braces:
1. Damon clear braces
are a great alternative to the traditional braces because they are made
of ceramic, which blends into the tooth. You can still see the wire,
but it is pretty nice and not very obvious. My atients love how clear
they are. They DO NOT yellow or stain, even in smokers.

2. Invisalign
is a clear alternative to braces. There are no braces involved; it is
merely a series of clear trays that are worn for 2-3 weeks at a time.
They are removed to eat and brush the teeth, which results in excellent
hygiene. It is an excellent product and gives a great result. Not
everyone is a candidate for invisalign; however. I do a full examination
to let you know if you would be a good candidate. There are instances
where the teeth are too severe that Invisalign will only give mediocre
results and can better be handled with braces.

3. Incognito,
or lingual braces are braces located behind the teeth, so NO ONE can
see your braces! It still offers the same advantages of braces, where
tooth movement is very controlled, but also offers the wonderful
advantage of no one seeing the braces (and not having to remove them to
eat). These are 100% customized to YOUR teeth by CAD-CAM technology,
along with robotically bent wires to accurately move your teeth. It is
also a very efficient form of treatment.

I personally love doing all 3 of these types of braces and would love to show you and explain all the options to you!