WF 47 Retreat MB2 present and join

Not tracking MB2 in retreat teeth as would likely give too high percentage of MB2 (more likely to fail if MB2 missed)

MB2 join MB. Could only get to length with 08 file twice, once at start of visit #2 and once near end of visit #2.  Can see faint line of sealer in canal at apex.  I originally thought MB2 missed as couldn’t see on straight or angled PA.  Upon access found it was located so then left with hoping could get to apex and thoroughly clean.  Experienced instrument separation in MB2, which was able to retrieve with piezo but left root thin.  I know there is a perf and this will fail and need hemi-section and new crown now.

Completed in Wheaton.  First photo is  CaOH. Second is final fill

Tooth symptomatic
CaOH wait 4 weeks tooth felt good, despite not reaching apex


Reached apex and removed separated file but now seems to be strip perf


Perf seen now.  Also no blood until condensing g.p. and then bled=perf=may have mini fracture from condensing gp