When should I take my child to the orthodontist?

Danielle Bauer Wheaton orthodontist

Great article on when to see an orthodontist

Many people wonder when is the best time to take their children to see the orthodontist. While the American Association of Orthodontists recommends age 7, that does not mean it is time to start anything at that time. An  orthodontist does not just straighten teeth, but we also harmonize the lips and soft tissue, as well as the bones that the teeth grow in. If there are early problems with bones, these can be addressed at this time. By addressing problems early on, braces are less expensive and take less time (14-18 months as opposed to 2-3 years).  Young patients do really well with treatment and Dr. Danielle is awesome with kids! As a mom herself, Dr. Danielle understands how to reach the young kids in a tell-show-do method. This decreases anxiety and creates a positive environment for everyone!
So check out this article from the NY Times!

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