Mental Foramen and Anterior Loop

anterio loop chart

Where is the anterior loop? In relationship to the mental forman?

Genetic variances position Santini BDJ 2012

  1. Position between 1st and 2nd premolar European and Indian
  2. Directly below 2nd premolar in Chinese


Anterior loop = an extension of IAN, anterior to mental foramen, before existing canal

Study 1010 patients CBCT

  • 1/3 have
  • averge 1.4mm max was 4.4mm

Juan JPD 2016 CBCT 2mm average up to nearly 7mm

Study with Pano and CT

  1. Pano data 35% have CT data 41% have  other CBCT study says 84%
  2. Pano data 3.6mm forward average, up to 6.3mm
  3. CT data 2.3mm average, up to 4.3mm  CBCT study 3.5mm average up to 5mm
  4. From lower border mandible to mental foramen (Easy to remember=going to be around 15mm)
  5. Pano data 16.5 average and 19mm max
  6. CT data 13.9 average and 17mm max