Block Allograft


Dental Block Allograft

Dental block allograft is a bone graft that we use to build up a larger defect.

Lazarus bone graft

Lazarus bone graft is a name given to the technique that uses a block allograft with rh-BMP2. Dosage is 1.05mg for bone block up to 20mm long.

Block Allograft research

Block graft can be done by trimming block to fit area roughly or milled as below and  3D-Blocks by Botiss Biomaterials
Maxgraft bonebuilder by Botiss  Jacotti 2014

Common block graft seen used by others.
Common bone block graft that others use. Believe this is Rocky Mountain.


Can more non-invasive by tunneling 

dental block allograft
waited 9 months here

Customized bone blocks

We can mill an allogenic bone block, puros allograft,  from femoral heads, this is known as the Tutoplast process. Blume JERD 2018


Rapid Prototype method 1    2

  1. CBCT
  2. RP service bureau processes data (Delta Prototipi, Milan, IT)
  3. Auotclavable nylon polyamide thermoplasitc prototype of recipient bed fabricated (Duraform PA, 3D Systems, Valencia, CA)
  4. Block (Puros J-Block) fabricated pre-surgical along with pericardium membrane (CopiOs Zimer) and pins Many use Bio-Gide
  5. 5-6 or 8 months can return to site his second article says 8 so????


Antibiotics 1 day prior and 6 after so 1 week total

Complication management of dental block grafts

Block moving is a failure. Just remove the block.

Exposure at less than 6 weeks – Removal of exposed graft and re-approximate flap tension free.

Graft exposed with drainage – open debridement and membrane removal. New membrane and re-close.

Antibiotics for all of the above.

Dental bone block fixation complications

Fabrication of a bone block graft in office

Using allograft with a bone binder you can create a block graft. Step one is design the area you want the graft to occupy. Next you create a shell with a negatvie space that creates the block. Finally you simply fill the negative space and create your block. Mohamed Dent Today 2020

Block bone graft from 3D design.