Mandibular Incisive Canal MIC

Mandibular Incisive Canal = MIC = anterior extension of mandibular canal anterior to the mental foramen

Rarely known if damaged because just makes anterior teeth numb and hard for patient to tell, plus teeth often missing in that area if getting implant there


Lit review

The occurrence of the mandibular incisive canal was 11 to 92% of cases pending the examination method used. Panoramic radiographs have the least accuracy (11%) in identifying this structure. Hence, a better image such as conventional tomographs or CT dental scans should be used especially in the intermental foramen area.
Clinicians should not rely on panoramic radiographs for identifying the anterior loop of the mental nerve during implant treatment planning. Furthermore, based upon the anatomical findings a safe guideline of 4 mm from the most anterior point of the MF is recommended for implant treatment planning.

Good list of studies results and methods used to locate

Case Report

93% CBCT used front of anterior loop for length instead of mental foramen

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