Under Armour mouthguard

So Under Armour, and any dentist willing to pay money to advertise with them, has been marketing a mouthguard that will improve athletic performance.  You really have to be a dumb jock to believe that, but for those that were tempted, research has in fact proven there is no difference between their mouthguard and others.  In fact a store bought one scored lower than a custom no name brand mouthguard in terms of comfort, no difference in terms of performance.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who is not a sucker, but companies are good at turning us into suckers when we want something, ie better performance.  Here is the mouth guard my wife and I recommend for ortho patients.  I do not think it matters what you use if you do not have ortho, but a custom one is more comfortable and less likely to fall out constantly.  That being said it is far from necessary.

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD


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