Canker sore – Aphthous ulcers

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What can you do about canker sores (aphthous ulcers)?

Canker sores, aphthous ulcers, and recurrent aphthous ulcers all describe the same type of short term lesion that forms in the mouth.

Aphthous ulcer causes and treatments

Aphthous ulcers can be painful but are usually not given much attention.  Treatments can vary but I prefer laser treatment of aphthous ulcers or rincinol mouth rinse. The rinse is much more convenient and therefore is often the product we recommend.

For most people aphthous ulcers are an occasional annoyance, but for some it is a more severe issue. These individuals typically have some sort of underlining autoimmune condition causing much more severe ulcers on a regular basis. Information for patients.

The above link is about ulcers in general and is what we use to diagnosis the cause of the ulcers.  The vast majority of people that get aphthous ulcers get them from stress, hormones, local factors or some combination of those.  For most patients this information is too much information, but page 4 and 5 that discusses local factors can be helpful  Also the pages on how to care for the ulcers are useful.

recurrent aphthous ulcer causes
Causes of ulcers

RAUs can occur from cow milk protein as seen in the study by Chainani-Wu in JADA 2017

aphthous ulcers treatment
Possible remedies for ulcers


RAU studies on treatment

Multi-vitamin therapy for RAS Lalla April 2012 JADA – not doing any good DO NOT recommend mutli-vitamin as prophylaxis

Aphthous ulcer honey treatment – as good (or bad) as other treatments El-Haddad 2014