Child front tooth brown

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Is your child’s front tooth brown?

A brown front tooth is not uncommon on young children. The cause is usually previous trauma, think of all the times they have fallen over the years while learning to master their balance.

We see this a lot and nearly every parent that sees this has some concern because it is obvious being that it is a front tooth and most of assume that a tooth changing from white to a darker color is not a good thing.  Fortunately the vast majority of these “heal” on their own and do not require anything to be done.  They may never look as white as they once did but these teeth will be lost somewhere around 6 so esthetics are not a major issue, although if really bad a pre-made baby crown can be placed for a responsible fee.

If your child is a little older and the tooth that is dark is a permanent adult tooth than we are dealing with a totally different kind of problem.

A brown front baby tooth on a child.
Dr. Bauer’s child that developed a brown front baby tooth, likely from some minor accident months or even years prior.