Expanded duties of dental assistants

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Illinois state expanded function dental assistant

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    Sec. 17.1. Expanded function dental assistants.
A dental assistant who has completed training as provided in subsection
(b) of this Section in all of the following areas may hold himself or
herself out as an expanded function dental assistant:

        (1) Taking material or digital final impressions.
        (2) Performing pulp vitality test.
        (3) Placing, carving, and finishing of amalgam
restorations and placing, packing, and finishing composite restorations.
        (4) Starting the flow of oxygen and monitoring of
nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia.
        (5) Coronal polishing and pit and fissure sealants,
as currently allowed by law.
the completion of training as provided in subsection (b) of this
Section, an expanded function dental assistant may perform any of the
services listed in this subsection (a) pursuant to the limitations of
this Act.

Any procedures listed in subsection (a) that are performed by an
expanded function dental assistant must be approved by the supervising
dentist and examined prior to dismissal of the patient. The supervising
dentist shall be responsible for all dental services or procedures
performed by the dental assistant.



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