DuPage County Dental Clinic

Bauer dentistry in wheaton

For many years Dr. Martin Dettmer and Dr. Bryan Bauer volunteered their time and expertise at the Dupage County Dental Clinic in Wheaton that served those that fell at or below 200% of poverty level.  In 2010 the clinic was closed due to lack of funding from the generous organizations that had kept if open.

As of January of 2013 the clinic is re-opening in a new location, 416 E Roosevelt Rd Suite 102.  The clinic does not have access to it’s old patient charts, so is essentially starting over.  Both Dr. Dettmer and Dr. Bauer will again be volunteering at the clinic and serving the dental needs of the local community.

Services provided at the clinic are limited to cleanings, exams, extractions, and fillings; all provided free of charge for those that qualify.  Qualification for the program requires that you fall at or below the 200% of poverty level, be qualified with DuPage Co Health Department Outreach, or be qualified with Access DuPage.  The individual must also have proof of residency in DuPage, Cook, or Lake counties.  Anyone interested in seeing if they qualify please call the clinic at 630-260-8530.  The clinic is open 9-5 M-F.  Although not required, I do know that in the past the clinic greatly appreciated a $5 donation from patients that received care.  The clinic, like many people and organizations, is always on a tight budget and every little bit helps.

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD