Occlusal Dysesthesia or Phantom Bite Syndrome

Occlusal Dysesthesia or Phantom Bite Syndrome

Occlusal Dysesthesia, also known as Phantom Bite Syndrome and Occlusal Hyperawareness, is not that uncommon.  Until I learned of this diagnosis these were just the “crazy” people that I would struggle to try to appease, without success.  I can personally think of 3 of my  patients that exhibit all of the signs and symptoms of this condition.  2 saw me for only a short time before leaving to go on to the next dentist to “fix” their bite, the other is still with me but does go to multiple other doctors looking for a bite adjustment.  She has since been referred to Dr. Charles Green who was at UIC but is now at Advocate.

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Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD     

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