Poor positioned implant

 What to do with an implant in a bad position?

Some dental implants for various reasons end up in really bad positions for us to try to restore. So, what do you do if you encounter an implant in a bad position? Also, sometimes implants in bad positions still work, just don’t count on it.

Steps for an implant in a bad position.

First you need to verify it is in fact in a bad position. I have seen dentists complain about a bad implant from one x-ray. We must remember that the angle of the x-ray highly impacts how an implant looks and can be deceiving.

Angle of x-ray can be deceiving on where the dental implant is.

An example of where the angle of the x-ray can make a dental implant appear terrible when it is in fact fine.

The implant is in a bad position.

If really bad may want to just bury it and not use. The dentist can cantilever off individual implant or make small bar if have room. Using a custom abutment is almost certainly a requirement.

Subapical osteotomy for a vertical ridge deficiency. 12 Oct Would have been better to do a DO first if doing it this way???

Multiple implants at odd angles use an open tray.

I have word document of article on this in implant folder called “Implant prosthetic challenges article”

Implants that fall into a hollow jaw

If an implant falls into an empty or nearly empty portion of the jaw bone it is best to remove but not at the risk for paralysis.

Implant falling into hollow jaw.Dental implant into a hollow jaw.

Patient management of a dental implant that you are not happy with.

Best to be honest and simply say you are not happy with the placement and want to redo it.

Poor placement of dental implant.

Quote from Bill Schaeffer that is really good.


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