Procedure of Composite Veneers

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Steps involved in mastering a cosmetic composite veneers

Steps 1

  1. Lingual shell made
  2. Without lingual shell using mylar strip etch and bond
  3. Lingual shell back and achromatic enamel lingual shell
  4. Chromatic dentin layer
  5. Possibly a chromatic enamel layer used here
  6. Achromatic enamel layer
  7. Pencil lines for line angles. Peyton has nice article for shaping at this point.
  8. Silicon polishers. More information on composite polishing.
  9. If need texture “walk over” with green stone

What are the different techniques for layering composite?

There are several methods that different dentists will use for completing their composite veneers. All this info is from Spring 2014 AACD page 78.

We can divide these and others into an inside out technique or an outside in technique. The inside-out technique uses a high chromatic dentin shade and high value enamel shade. The hardest part of this method is getting the correct thickness of both layers. The outside-in technique uses an opaque dentin and translucent enamel layer with both layers being same shade. The difficulty with this is it often needs tints in between the layers to not end up looking monochromatic and often needs highly translucent enamel shade in incisal.

Tooth anatomy viewing with metallic luster dust

The use of food grade silver metallic luster dust to see the facial anatomy is great. Something that looks smooth to the naked eye can have a lot of unwanted anatomy and the luster really allows it to be seen.