Guided implant surgery

2 methods – model based and CBCT based  Also tooth, bone, and tissue born options

Model based method 1 2

  1. Stone cast on surveyor and use 2mm drill press to place hole at desired angle 5-10mm deep
  2. Place 2x10mm drill blank (McMaster-Carr Co) into hole
  3. Place 2mm bushing over blank
  4. Place appropriate guide sleeve over bushing
  5. Inject any light polymerizing gel (Triad Gel) around guide pins
  6. Need inserts for different sizes
Cast should be marked as shown

CBCT based 1

  1. Inital cast has teeth set in ideal location and barium sulfate flipper designed for pt to wear
  2. CBCT with flipper in place
  3. Implants placed on software


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