Procedure of Composite Veneers

Steps involved in mastering a cosmetic composite veneers

Steps 1

  1. Lingual shell made
  2. Without lingual shell using mylar strip etch and bond
  3. Lingual shell back and achromatic enamel lingual shell
  4. Chromatic dentin layer
  5. Possibly a chromatic enamel layer used here
  6. Achromatic enamel layer
  7. Pencil lines for line angles
  8. Silicon polishers
  9. If need texture “walk over” with green stone

Tooth anatomy viewing with metallic luster dust

The use of food grade silver metallic luster dust to see the facial anatomy is great. Something that looks smooth to the naked eye can have a lot of unwanted anatomy and the luster really allows it to be seen.

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