Dental composite products

dental composite or white filling

Dental Composites by type

Bulk Fill – flowable with higher filler content

  • Low viscosity or Base – used under composite
  1. SureFil SDR flow (recommended)
  2. Venus Bulk Fill Flow
  3. Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative (less wear resistant than some of the others in this category Sawlani IADR 2013)
  4. Voco x-tra base (ADA best)
  5. Beautifil-Bulk Flowable Shofu (Giomer technology releases fluoride)
  • High viscosity
  1. Kerr SonicFill
  2. Dentsply QuiXX (ADA best)
  3. Parkell HyperFil  (Dual-Cure)
  4. Pentron Alert (poor performance ADA test)
  5. Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill (recommended)
  6. Voco x-tra fill (ADA best)
  7. Voco Admira Fusion x-tra (Ormocer)
dental composites
Macrofill or Hybrid Larger (1-3µm=micro too), irregular, filler particle sizes that help enhance the overall strength along with being more filled than Microfills.  Universal but lose shine, is opaque, and doesn’t polish well.
  • Charisma
  • Herculite XRV
  • Spectrum TPH
Microfill A microfiller (35%-50% by weight filler) of relatively small silicone dioxide particles (.04µm).  Used in anterior or final layer of anterior because is highly polishable and tends to me more translucent but can not bear stress.
  • Durafil VS by Heraeus
  • Renamel by Cosmedent
  • Matrixx

Microhybrids Highly filled (75% by weight about same as hybrid) with particles of smaller than hybrids but variable in size.  Universal but still not as polishable as microfill.  Most opaque so good under microfill.

  • Filtek Z-250
  • Venus
  • Tetric Ceram
  • 4 Seasons
  • Miris
  • Point 4
  • Gradia Direct
  • Vit-l-escence
  • Esthet-X

Nanohybrid or Nanofill (Filtek has patent and thus is only true nanofill) Resins that have “nanoclusters” or “nanoparticles” (20-75nm)that are used as fillers and allow for both strength and polishability.  Universal composite, anterior and posterior.

  • Filtek Supreme XTE (Maintains polish), Filtek Z250 XT, Filtek Supreme Plus, Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable=use for comp veneers
  • IPS Empress Direct and Tetric Evo Ceram
  • Enamel Plus HRi (high refractive index=more like a tooth)
  • Miris 2 and Synergy D6
  • Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl by Heraeus
  • Herculite Ultra by Kerr and Premise
  • G-aerial Universal Flo and Kalore
  • RefleXions XLS
  • Esthet-X HD by Dentsply
  • Estelite Sigma Quick
  • Grandio
  • Clearfil Majesty Esthetic (Clearfil Majesty ES Flow Universal)
  • Premise
  • Empress Direct by Ivoclar
  • Beautifil II by Shofu (Giomer technology)
  • Aelite Aesthetic Enamel by Bisco
  • REnamel NANO Plus by Cosmedent

Traditional Flowable – low viscosity with filler content around 20-25% less than nonflowable (usually)

Universal Highly-filled Flowable – With this class the term flowable is becoming more a property than a class.  Higher filled so more strength, less wear, and less shrinkage.  Many considered nanofills or nanohybrids as well

  • Beautifil Flow Plus (Zero and Low flow) Giomer technology releases fluoride DA best
  • GrandiOSo Heavy Flow (83% filled)
  • G-aenial Universal Flo and G-aenial Universal Injectable are good for injection molding composite techniques with everX Flow. Hosaka JPD 2021
  • Clearfil Majesty ES Flow
Packable  a term more than a class of composite.  Used to describe composite that can be “packed” similar to amalgam.  Low viscosity bulk fills should be in this class
  • Solitaire (Heraeus Kulzer)
  • ALERT (Jeneric-Pentron)
  • SureFil (Dentsply/Caulk)


Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD