Dental Laser

Wheaton family dental practice

Dental Laser uses and types

Dental laser use continues to rise as more powerful lasers come to market and dentists become more aware of their uses. We now use a Solea CO2 laser that allows to efficiently cut hard tissue as well as soft tissue.

Dental Laser treatment options

We currently have and use a couple diode lasers for a variety of soft tissue related treatments and a CO2 hard tissue laser for fillings and surgery.

  • Cold sores
  • Venous Lake
  • Frenectomy
  • Tissue removal for biopsy
  • Esthetic gingival re-contouring
  • Orthodontic exposure
  • Hard and soft tissue crown lengthening
Dental laser types and uses

Dental laser use for dental veneer removal

Er:YAG use for veneer removal is something that is possible, but can be challenging depending on several factors. We have a whole post on laser dental veneer removal.


Laser etching for bonding

von Fraunhofer found Er,Cr:YSGG laser etching enamel to be inconsistent and not that helpful. Ceballos found the dentin laser surface to have worse bonding with the Er-YAG laser.


For more information on lasers we use in dentistry check out our laser dentistry page. There you can find information about all procedures and before and after photos.