Implant position anterior

Anterior dental implant position for esthetics

Most of the steps and rules are to ensure you can achieve a nice emergence profile. The biggest mistake that one can not come back from is placing the implant too shallow. There’s more information on our immediate dental implant page.

Rules of Six

  • 6 mm inter-radicular (5mm)
  • 6 mm B-L bone (5mm)
  • 6mm min length (use 8mm)
  • 6mm occlusal space (5mm screw)
  • 6mm contact to bone (5mm to guarantee)
  • 3mm apical and 2mm lingual to planned gingival zenith
3A 2B Rojas-Vizcaya 2013 JoPros

PDP triad from Fu 2011 JOMI


Esthetic Risk Analysis for Anterior Implant




Surgical placement anterior implant

One way

  1. 3 months late uncover and place CT graft
  2. 4 weeks later screw-retained provisional loaded
  3. 6 weeks later impression with custom impression coping

Another way

  1. 6 weeks later screw-retained provisional non-loaded
  2. 10-12 weeks final impression

Another way

  1. Immediate temp
  2. Covered in another post

Another way

  1. Healing cap
  2. Impression