Implant position anterior

Anterior dental implant position for esthetics

Most of the steps and rules are to ensure you can achieve a nice emergence profile. The biggest mistake that one can not come back from is placing the implant too shallow.

Rules of Six

  • 6 mm inter-radicular (5mm)
  • 6 mm B-L bone (5mm)
  • 6mm min length (use 8mm)
  • 6mm occlusal space (5mm screw)
  • 6mm contact to bone (5mm to guarantee)
  • 3mm apical and 2mm lingual to planned gingival zenith
3A 2B Rojas-Vizcaya 2013 JoPros

PDP triad from Fu 2011 JOMI


Surgical placement anterior implant

One way

  1. 3 months late uncover and place CT graft
  2. 4 weeks later screw-retained provisional loaded
  3. 6 weeks later impression with custom impression coping

Another way

  1. 6 weeks later screw-retained provisional non-loaded
  2. 10-12 weeks final impression

Another way

  1. Immediate temp
  2. Covered in another post

Another way

  1. Healing cap
  2. Impression

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