Regenerative endodontic therapy

Regenerative endodontic therapy – What is it?

Regenerative endodontic therapy technique used to revitalize a necrotic immature tooth.

  • Tooth must be necrotic pulp with immature apex
  • Minimal to no dentinal manipulation
  • Place intracanal medicament (usually triple antibiotic) DAP better cause no stain of minocycline (metronidazole and ciprofloxacin) Sabrah 2013
  • mTAP (modified TAP) ciprofloxacin, metronidazole, cefaclor Thibodea 2007 Jan/Feb Ped Dent. Showed no stain but Akcay 2014 JOE said did.  Akcay said only DAP=no stain
  • Seal
Regenerative endodontic therapy

The color of teeth after 3 weeks according to the groups: (A) control group, (B) calcium hydroxide, (C) DAP, (D) TAP with minocycline, (E) with doxycycline, (F) with amoxicillin, and (G) with cefaclor.

Step 1 Code 3351 Debride without dentinal wall manipulation and irrigate with 1.25%-3% NaOCl, place triple antibiotic,  and seal.

Interim step if needed 3552 Repeat step 1

Step 2 3354 pulpal regeneration Remove medicine with 1.25%-3% NaOCL, EDTA, create blood clot, place PRF?, seal MTA and filling.  Do not use vasoconstrictor.

Ref 1

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD

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