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Dr. Oz’s  Teeth Whitening Home Remedy    Please DO NOT DO!!!!

Baking Soda

Please do not follow this recommendation.  Professional and store bought whitening is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide, the stuff in brown bottles you buy for cuts.  It’s safe and effective, why mess with that?  The reason his remedy is so bad is that acids like lemon erode the enamel surface of your teeth more than they lighten anything, and the baking soda is coarse so that only increases the erosion (imagine what sandpaper which is coarse does to a surface).  Anyone that wishes to google can find that dentists usually recommend about 30
minutes to allow mouth pH to rebound after ingesting anything acidic.  He recommended an acid for 1
minute and immediate brushing while a coarse material (baking soda) is
still on the teeth.  Just terrible advice all around. 

The only up side is that baking soda is basic so probably does neutralize the acid to some extent, but it’s the acid of the lemon that you are relying to whiten.  So either the solution is acidic and eating away your enamel or you’ve totally neutralized it and it’s doing nothing, so what is the point?

As a general recommendation don’t forget that one should not brush teeth right after consuming an acid because it will erode the enamel.  A common occurrence would be those that drink orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc. in the morning for breakfast and then brush their teeth right after (a BIG NO-NO!). 

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