A single Composite veneer can make a difference!

gap in front teeth

Case of the week

Composite Veneer #8
Greg had an accident many years ago that broke his front two teeth.  Over the years they have been patched many times with composite and it often broke on him after a year or two.  After evaluating his bite it was clear that the reason he continually broke these fillings is that when he pushed his lower jaw forward only the fillings were touching.  So I placed a composite veneer on the one broken tooth to improve both the function and esthetics.  I also leveled the
lower teeth so that as he chewed, his upper and lower teeth would hit
equally.  I usually do not like composite veneers but when replacing a single tooth, like in this case, they are ideal. 

Broken and slightly more yellow front tooth

A single composite veneer placed on the front tooth
This procedure only took one hour and has a much lower fee than a lab fabricated veneer.  Great all around for this situation.
Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD                                                                
Wheaton General and Cosmetic Dentists

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