Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act

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Dear ADA Member,
With your help, we can end the free ride that the health insurance industry has enjoyed for nearly 65 years, and make health care insurers accountable to the principles of fair competition.
Please click here to write your Representative and urge him or her to co-sponsor H.R. 911, The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, a bill that would eliminate the McCarran-Ferguson antitrust exemption granted to the health insurance industry nearly 65 years ago.
Repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson antitrust exemption for the “business of health insurance” would empower federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate and challenge collective action by insurance companies, and enable parties victimized by illegal and anticompetitive conduct to pursue remedies against those insurers.   These victims may include dentists, their patients, and the public at large, all of whom would benefit from the repeal of McCarran-Ferguson.  When insurance companies are permitted to act in disregard of antitrust principles, consumers are less likely to see as much innovation and variety in the marketplace as they would in an atmosphere of robust competition for their business.
Please write your Representative today, asking him or her to support H.R. 911, The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act.
Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our profession.
Robert A. Faiella, D.M.D., M.M.Sc.
President, American Dental Association


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