Closing a dental black triangle

Closing a black triangle can be very difficult if not impossible.  A newer technique being used is to inject hyaluronic acid filler or silicone into the area.


  1. Insert small amount of filler into 1cc luer lock syringe
  2. Remove the tip of a 27 g needle (creating a flat, end-discharging needle)
  3. Insert 19 gauge or larger at least 5mm from papillary tip
  4. Slow firm pressure no more than .2cc filler
  5. While maintaining pressure on injection site, massage filler down
  6. No flossing and light brushing only for 48 hours
  7. Revisit in 4 weeks if needed


  1. Only clear fillers
  2. Higher concentration or larger molecule HA will last longer
  3. Best for smaller black triangles in the range of 1-2mm

Reference Implant Practice article Volume 6 Number 3

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