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Take pride and ownership of your job after all your boss’s success
depends on it.  You run the practice no matter what the “office queen”
might say.  Be professional.  Be available.  Be thorough.  Always make
the patient feel comfortable no matter what kind of PITA.  Have a goal
for the day.  Always know what the dentist wants before he knows he
needs it.  Anticipate! Be efficient.  Dont leave early.  Come in early.
Understand how valuable you are in the practice.  Be a great leader.
All of these things will allow you to have a sense of accomplishment at
the end of the day, after all you are helping others.  A great
assistant cares about the overall health of the patient.  A great
assistant will remember the patients and follow up with them.  I loved
being an assistant and after 23 years i have moved on into coaching but
volunteer as much as i can for charity.  Smile it’s contagious!  Thank
you for loving your job and good luck in your quest to be the best!

The can and can nots of dental assisting in Illinois.

 Section 1220.245