White or brown spot Microabrasion treatment

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Microabrasion treatment for brown spot or white spot on front tooth


Step by step to treat a brown spot or white spot on a front tooth using microabrasion.

Microabrasion for white spot lesions

  1. Photos
  2. Rubber dam with OraSeal Caulking behind rubber dam
  3. Pumice
  4. Minor mechanical microabrasion with bur (optional)
  5. Opalustre 60 seconds prophy cup with pumice medium to hard pressure
  6. Rinse- Eval-Repeat as needed
  7. Etch again 30 seconds
  8. Ethyl Alcohol (PrimaDry)=optional
  9. Ultraseal XT plus clear

Note – This is what the ICON procedure is also.

Italian guy


I find just treating the tooth the old fashioned way is much faster and predictable.

Microabrasion treament of a white spot and a brown spot on the front teeth.
We remove both brown and white stains without numbing.









  1. Rubber dam
  2. Pumice
  3. Phosphoric acid 37% 90 seconds
  4. Bleach 6% repeat until stain gone (10-20 minutes)
  5. Etch again 30 seconds
  6. Ethyl Alcohol (PrimaDry)=optional
  7. Ultraseal XT plus clear




would this technique work well on a white spot lesion? or is
it better to go with the 60 sec etch with 37% H3PO4 then pumice then 5 min
application of MI paste then seal with either ultradent’s permaseal or bisco
fortify sealer and MI paste application at home? any thoughts? thanx!
1) isolated the teeth, her in case from 6-11 (canine to
2) etched the white spot lesions with 37% H3PO4 from Bisco  for 60
3) then rinsed it off
4) then used ultra dent oplustre with their polishing angle, pumiced the
teeth for 60 seconds
5) rinsed the teeth
6) had nice chalky appearance
7) then used kiddent idea of NAOCl (coltene whaledent) placed on cotton
swab and placed on the 6 teeth, left on for 5 seconds a
8) then rinsed the teeth
9) placed MI past plus (GC America) for 5 minutes
10) rinsed it off
11) placed Bisco fortify to seal the teeth (could also use ultradent’s
I consider what you did here as etching and bleaching- not
isolation, 1 minute etching, 1 minute bleach treatment,
seal-Ultraseal XT Clear Clint

Gordon code 9970Enamel Microabrasion

Use of a powdered, abrasive material
to reduce or reshape the superficial layer of tooth enamel. The abrasion
process may be aided by use of an acid etch gel, which also roughens the enamel
surface. Enamel microabrasion is often prescribed to remove superficial stains
in the enamel that cannot be removed by bleaching. It may also be used to
roughen the surface of the enamel to enhance adhesion strength for dental
bonding procedures.
Prema Premier or opalustre
Flowable, microfill, or nanofill
White spot lesions
Rubber cup (ribbed)  little mud? 1 minute cover microfill or