3D printed toothbrush

3D printed toothbrush

Check out this weird looking toothbrush alternative that is custom made to fit your mouth and reduces brushing time to a fraction of what it used to take.  The Blizzident is a custom, 3D-printed toothbrush created from a scan of your teeth that allows you to complete brushing your teeth in as little as 6 seconds.  To fabricate one we must take first take a digital impression or scan of your teeth.  Then we send that file to Blizzident where a 3D printer is used to create a toothbrush that is a perfect fit to your mouth.


Blizzdent 3D printed toothbrush

To use the Blizzident you simply bite into it and then gently grind or chew around for 6 seconds and you area done!

The cost to make one of these is comparable to a high end electric toothbrush.  The scan can be acquired for under a $100 but then the cost of the toothbrush is another $299.   Add in the fact that a replacement (which is recommended after a year of use) costs $159.  At those costs you better really hate spending the 2 minutes brushing AND their 6 second claim better pan out.  The company promises to share clinical studies on the efficiency of the Blizzident soon.  It will be interesting to see how it stacks up to other toothbrushing methods.


Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD     

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