Odd dental facts about the smile from different countries

Who smiles the most at their customers?

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Mystery shoppers from around the world have ranked Spain as No. 1 for smiling at their customers. The Smiling Report 2013 reports that 96% of customers in Spain received a smile from staff.

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In Japan, it is tradition that when a child loses an upper or lower primary tooth it is thrown straight to the ground or straight up in the air, respectively, in the hope that the incoming adult tooth will grow through straight.

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In Burlington, Wisconsin, dental practice Schneider Family Dentistry has sponsored the city’s annual chocolate festival for the past decade. However, dentist Charles Schneider does not take part in the chocolate eating competitions as it is bad for his teeth.

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In Cape Town, South Africa, a fashion trend spanning the last 60 years has been to remove one’s front teeth to boost attractiveness. Often known as the ‘Cape Flats Smile’, the trend is named after the neighborhood where this dental modification is received by a large number of teenagers.  Makes for a unique smile!

Around the world

Tabua, the polished tooth of a sperm whale, is a valued gift in ceremonial presentations in Fiji, given at birthdays, weddings and funerals. Traditionally offered as gifts for atonement or esteem (sevusevu), tabua even appear on the Fijian 20 cent piece.


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