Cantilever implant bridge

ICFDP – implant-supported cantilevered fixed dental prosthesis or much easier cantilever implant bridge

Cantilever implant bridge is a nice solution for someone missing 2 or more teeth adjacent to each other. It is the same idea as a cantilever bridge on natural teeth.

Cantilever implant bridge photos

Aglietta 2009 5-10 year meta-analysis

  • 5‐ and 10‐year ICFDP cumulative survival rate of 94.3% and 88.9%

Keep the cantilever mesial distal width to premolar size 7-7.5mm Tarnow article in DT 2013

Little evidence of bone loss but increase in minor technical complications Torrecillas-Martínez IJOMI 2014. Therefore, if between a sinus lift and a 3 unit implant bridge or 2 implants and a cantilever, the cantilever is the way to go. Dereci JOI 2021

A nice discussion about cantilever implant bridges by Bill on DT.

Survival rates for a cantilever implant prosthesis        

Survival rates of TISP, cantilever implant bridge and a standard dental implant bridge are the same according to Rammelsberg JPD 2021.

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