Tooth implant supported prosthesis TISP

Tooth implant supported prosthesis – TISP

Tooth implant supported prosthesis or TISP is a dental bridge that connects a natural tooth to a dental implant. They are not the first choice but there may be times when one makes sense as long as the patient is aware that it’s not the most ideal treatment. Many dentists that see one think it’s terrible but if you look at the research on survival rates it’s not the worst thing we as a profession can do.  For example Naert found only a 5-10% difference in complications over 15 years for a TISP vs ISP, which is not very high over that time period.

Greenstein Lit Review 2009 TISP most suggestions same as Lane below (likely where they come from)

  1. Tooth is periodontally solid.
  2. Use a rigid connection, which means no stress breakers.
  3. No telescopes/copings
  4. Avoid bruxers
  5. Permanent cement

TISP tooth implant supported prosthesis

Lang Systemic Review 2004 but data easier to see in above link

Chee 2006  Are these true telescoping crowns?  Uwe Mohr thoughts.                                           

Use a retrievable rigid connection. The tooth has a permanently cemented coping and the bridge is cemented on to that coping with temp cement. The bridge will be attached to the implant terminal abutment with a screw. If and/or when the temp cement works loose, unscrew the prosthesis and re-cement. Re-call is mandatory in these cases. Avoid bruxers then tend to get intrusion of tooth. Avoid semi-rigid connections. DT post Lane info


Lane’s work – What he recommends

Not worth the trouble Block IJOMI 2002

No problems no matter how do – 14 years Hosny 2002 IJPros

Spear course on splinting natural tooth to a dental implant

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