Build up

air bubble dental build up x-ray

Dental build up

A dental build up is a dental term which describes the process or the result of the procedure in which a broken down or incomplete tooth is built up. A dentist will do this in order to properly restore a tooth, typically with a dental crown. They are very common after a root canal.

What are the dental build up material options?

We can use any dental material to do a crown build up. Different dentists will have their products and procedures they like. Most materials will be composite resin in nature. In the past amalgam was more common. Technically amalgam doesn’t fully set for 24 hours or so one would either may to deal with the slight change in shape or take an impression at a second visit. There are many products that are made specifically for the build up procedure. They are dual cure because often they are in areas and depths that the curing light can not get to effectively.

What is the strength of different build up materials?

Monga 2009 showed that a bonded composite or amalgam is as good as natural tooth structure in fracture resistance.  Amalgam by itself is the least fracture resistance.

Problems with a build up

The biggest problems are probably asking too much of the material. In other words at some point the remaining tooth structure is simply inadequate to support the forces we apply when eating or grinding our teeth. A problem we have seen is dental build up material not getting into the most apical areas of the canal and leaving air bubbles.

How can you eliminate a dental build up material air bubble?

What is the cost of a dental build up?

A dental build up will cost different amounts depending on where you go and where you live. Where you live is the most important factor, which is why fair health consumer is such a nice website.

Should a tooth get a build up or a post?

You might as well be arguing which religion is better. There is plenty of research on this topic but it mostly comes down to what a dentist likes. If you would like to dive into some of the dental post research or information about dental pins, have at it.