Broken tooth fixed with a VERY life like porcelain veneer

before and after new veneers

Case of the week

Sometimes when an accident occurs and a front tooth is broken a decision is made to re-face the entire tooth with a porcelain veneer.  It is very challenging for all those involved to get a “perfect ” match.  Fortunately their are very skilled lab technicians out there that are capable of stepping up to the challenge.  Try to guess which one is fake before scrolling down farther.


broken tooth porcelain veneer
Guess the veneer!


Scroll down to see which tooth is actually the single porcelain veneer







single porcelain veneer

Did you guess the right one?  As I said this is not easy to do and this particular instance is not a normal outcome.  Typically I want either a composite veneer (because I can adjust it myself in real time) or I want porcelain veneers on the front two teeth so the lab can match at least the two central.

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD