Should now have prosthesis and NEW screws.

  1. Remove healing abutments or temp prosthesis
  2. Ensure multi-unit abutments at 35Ncm
  3. Seat primary bar and tighten screws.
  4. Hand-tighten the prosthetic screws, alternating from one side to the other.
  5. Once 2 in, one each side, check ischemia.  If still there in 3 minutes remove and reduce area and polish.
  6. Tighten the screws to 15Ncm?. When all screws done then go back and recheck all at 15 Ncm
  7. Cotton with neosporin and cavit for now (final NV)
  8. Seat secondary restoration and show patient how to engage and dis-engage swivel-latch attachments.
  9. Fine tune occlusal adjustments
  10. Evaluate esthetics
  11. Give them “Massad” home care brush and instruct patient on home care and oral hygiene.