Responses from our email and text follow-up system

These responses come in from an email that is sent out after each dental visit asking you to rate our level of care.  They can all be found at the review site

“I have been coming to Dr Dettmer since the 70s. Every issue I have had with my teeth was explained thoroughly, repaired expertly or referred to wonderful specialists. Dr. Bauer has been a pleasure to get to know and I feel that I am equally in expert dental care. The whole staff has truly made this office feel like the patient is extended family and those who have left are truly missed after so many years – while those who are newly met have lived up to the friendly, extremey competent atmosphere that I have appreciated for so many years.” Kitty Bruno


“The dentist and his assistants are all very professional. That is why I keep traveling one hour to have my dental needs taken care of there. It is a joy to be their patient. May God bless you all!”


“I have use Dettmer and Bauer Dental services for many years now. They have always provided prompt and courteous service. The entire team of Dettmer and Bauer Dental services are professional and provide excellent patient care. They are friendly, kind and thoughtful of your particular concerns, while going out of the way to make you feel comfortable. I have has other Dental surgeons comment on their excellent work, as Doctor’s Dettmer and Bauer make every effort to resolve your dental needs. I would rate them five stars.”” Had a great visit at the dentist today. My teeth were X-rayed, cleaned and doubled checked so fast I was out of there in no time! Everyone was so nice too…it was a great way to start the day! Thanks Rochelle and dr Bauer for making it so pleasant.” Trish
: “This dental office is superbly equipped with exceptionally able, friendly staff and doctors.” Ray

“Everyone is professional and friendly.” Joan 2/20/14

“Best service. Always friendly. Great experience. Thanks again!”

“I have been a client for many years and would never consider going anywhere else for my dental care – I have always been very satisfied.” Mike

“The best of the best!” Craig 3/24/14

“Thank you Karen and Rochelle and Dr. Bauer. Both Taylor and Jack had a great
experience today. You made them feel comfortable and calm during their
cleaning. I really appreciate it! Taylor specifically was very
excited about her checkup and talked about all the new stuff she
learned. I’ve always loved going to the dentist and it is very
refreshing for me to hear that Taylor is excited too. We will see you
in a few weeks.
Thank you again.”  Aimee

” It was great to be back in your dental care Dr. Dettmer. It seems like
only a few years ago, however it was much, much longer than that. The
visit was like returning to my old neighborhood. A very good feeling and
I look forward to our next meeting in April. Also it will surely be
warmer weather then. Until then, keep well.” Bob

“First visit and found the entire staff very professional and efficient.
The dentist was on time, friendly and thorough while the hygienist was
equally as knowledgeable and friendly. Good experience!!!”

“Clearly, we love the entire office…. thank you!”

Bauer is an artist!!

I came to see him looking like a hockey player and left the office a few
hours later amazed by what he had done. I can’t tell my real tooth from
the “fix” he created for my missing front tooth. Moreover, the kind
reception and support that accompanied his most excellent work made the
entire experience exceptional. I stand ready and willing to provide a
testimonial to anyone interested!”

Kevin Maguire 2/19/14

“Excellent care and wonderfully kind staff. Thanks to all!”
Becky 2/05/14

again, Dr. Bauer exceeded my expectations! He took time and great care
to answer my questions, advise me and treat my dental needs, which have
grown more complex recently with gum and retainer issues. Like the 20
years of history I have with Dr. Dettmer as my dentist, Dr. Bauer is
meticulous with the quality of his work. I am absolutely delighted with
the outcome” Janet Hulet 1/29/14

“The office temperature was about 50 degrees due to sub-zero weather and a
furnace struggling to keep up. When Dr. Dettmer came in to start
working on me, he brought a shearling throw to cover me with so I didn’t
get chilled during the hour I was in the chair. Now THAT’S good
patient service!!!” 1/9/14

“Appreciated the fact that dr. Bauer came in on his day off to attend to my emergency. Dettmer and Bauer have ALWAYS been considerate of their patients time and situation.” 1/7/14

“I have been going to Dr Dettmer for at least 10 plus years…I think he is great! I would highly recommend him. He is very personable and knowledgeable. And he loves hostas!” Beverly 1/3/14

“Love this place!” Shelby 12/4/13

“Dr. Dettmer continues to impress me with his level of patient care as well as his genuine caring for his patients.” Michele 11/6/13

Thanks for the bite block and the wonderful professional and excellent care.” Ed 11/6/13

“I have been coming to Dr. Dettmers’s practice for decades and consider many of the staff as good friends with whom I enjoy catching up every 6 months. I enjoy Dr. Bauer and find him an equally skilled and pleasant addition to an already top notch team. Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work!” Susan Price 10/8/13

“You get an excellent rating.” 10/4/13

“Thank you all for your help.” Warmly, Neal Conley 10/3/13

“I appreciate the high degree of professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness of everyone at your practice!”
Steve Keeley 10/2/13

“After having had suffered from a horrific experience at my last dentist, Dr. Bauer and the staff have provided excellent service and have taken away a lot of the lingering anxiety that I was going through.The staff is very friendly and helpful, and even with emergency appointment they were able to get me in within a couple hours.
Highly recommend.” 9/25/13

“These doctors and this crew are the BEST!” Ben & Elspeth Mercer 9/25/13

“Excellent service!” Bob Rauklo 9/24/13

“Dr. Dettmer and Dr. Bauer should buy the staff  lunch on every Tuesday & Thursday. Rudy 9/23/13

“Always have a good time when I come into the holy confines of this illustrious practice! miss you all from your old across the hall location. Have a good weekend!” Holly Wisner 9/18/13

“I have been going to Dr. Dettmer for 40 years, ever since I moved to Wheaton from California. Our family dentist never used any type of medication. He just drilled our teeth and filled the cavity and never spoke a word. I was afraid of him and it was pure hell for me. I am grateful for the comfort, care, and understanding that Dr. Dettmer and staff showed me. I am also grateful for the quality of the work he provided.  My fillings and crowns have lasted many years and have not had to be replaced.” Karen Loan 9/16/13

“Dr. Bauer and Rochelle took outstanding care of me. I so appreciate their expertise, good counsel and great care.” 9/5/13

“The doctors and staff are a cut above. The doctors are friendly and concerned about your needs and concerns. I have been a patient with the practice for the past 18 years and I have always been impressed with the work and attention to detail. My dental work looks natural and is always done with as little discomfort as anyone can expect. You’ll love the  folks.” 9/4/13

“Clearly, we love the entire office….thank you!” Erica Warfield 9/4/13

“It is always a pleasant experience to come to your office as the atmosphere and the people without exception are friendly and helpful. Thank you.” Jim Rabe 8/22/13

“This practice takes very good care of me. I feel confident and welcomed here. It is pricey, but I love the care they give.” 8/12/13

“I have had my dental work performed by Dr. Dettmer and Dr. Bauer for over 20 years including three implants and in my opinion Drs.Dettmer and Bauer and their staff are Excellent. I highly recommend.” Don Zeilenga 8/7/13

“Impressed that you were able to take care of my loose crown without scheduling another visit.”Tim Obendorf 8/1/13

“Always a great experience.”8/1/13

“I particially appreciate the honest, friendly and professional interaction with all staff.” Mike Joyce7/31/13

“I always enjoy my visits to the dentist!!!” Lambros Galanes 7/2/13

“As with each of my previous visits to Dr. Dettmer’s office, today’s was entirely satisfying in all respects. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Dettmer and his team.” Kay Tooze 6/27/13

“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Dettmer for more than 30 years. The quality of service and patient care was superior then and still is. The friendliness of the staff is wonderful, and the cleanliness of the office is outstanding. I would highly recommend Dettmer and Bauer LLC to anyone. If this is published, please do not publish my name other than “Long standing and very satisfied patient, Thanks.”6/20/13

“I have been a patient of Dr. Dettmer’s practice for 25 years and have consistently been impressed with the exceptional level of service from the whole staff. From the front desk to the dental teams, everyone is remarkably friendly, respectful, compassionate and helpful. The have never recommended a procedure that was not necessary for my well being, and have provided long-lasting treatments and excellent prevention methods to promote my good health and comfort. Not only has the medical experience itself been painless, they also deftly coordinate the insurance process for me, and have always taken into account and accommodated my payment ability, especially when finances have been difficult. They have continually put my health needs first and shown a vested interest in my quality of life, and I feel very lucky to have found a group of folks that make the proverbially dreaded dental appointment a surprisingly enjoyable thing. Kudos to the whole Dettmer & Bauer team!” 6/6/13

“Rochelle is the best!! Professional, knows her stuff, educates and explains any possible issues to the patient. She also manages to interject some appropriate humor or story to make the visit a little less sterile and more personable. Thank you!” 6/3/13

“You guys are the BEST I would never let any other Dr. dentist in side my mouth”. Deanna Sherby xoxoxo 5/17/13

“I have been a patient of Dr. Dettmer for many years. From the moment you walk into the office you can see and feel the commitment to exceptional patient care from every member of the team. I have been very satisfied with Dr. Dettmer’s caring and excellent dental work. I have been seeing Dr. Bauer for a few years now. Dr. Bauer is very knowledgable, talented and caring dentist as well. He always makes sure I am comfortable (not experiencing any pain!). His dental work is excellent. He is a great addition to the practice”. Maeva Cook 5/17/13

“I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the quality of work I receive at each and every visit! I am confident that the work done is what I need and nothing more than that. My only regret is that I didn’t start going to Dr. Dettmer years ago! Kudos to Dr. Dettmer and his staff”. Cheryl 5/14/13

“Thanks so helpful”.  5/9/13

“Best dental experience. Wonderful staff. Would recommend to everyone I know.” 4/27/13

“Thanks to all! Friendly and knowledgeable staff always make office visits a pleasure.” 4/22/13

“The office administrators were amazing and welcoming ushering me in immediately for my appointment at the assigned time. The hygienist educated me throughout the cleaning and exam procedure explaining each process. I do not like getting my teeth cleaned ordinarily, however the process did not make me uncomfortable and at the end, my mouth felt refreshed and wonderful! Thank you.” Jane 4/10/13

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Dettmer for I don’t know how many years and feel like they are all old friends. I think he is a superb dentist and all the people In the office are experts at what they do. I have and would recommend them highly to my friends or anyone I knew that was looking for a dentist.”
Connie Sutphen 4/4/13

“Give all the employees a raise.” Rudy Keller 3/25/13

“I am impressed with the modern dental technology at Dettmer & Bauer and pleased with your emphasis on safe practices and disease prevention of the mouth, gums and teeth. Quite a welcome contrast to when I first began going to the dentist over 70 years ago.” Ray Smith 2/20/13

“I’m so happy to have found your practice and have already made several referrals. I tend to be a nervous patient (understatement), but my complete confidence in Dr. Bauer and his work have put me completely at ease. The hygienists are very thorough and also do excellent work. The entire staff is friendly and professional.” 2/7/13

“This was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. The staff is amazing. I have never witnessed
such excellence in customer service. Dr. Bauer even took the time to do an additional procedure at my request as long as I was there so I did not have to make another trip to the office. My only complaint is it appears to be a bit pricey and they require you to pay up front and be reimbursed by the insurance company.” A very satisfied patient 1/22/13

“As always very pleasant experience. I was in and out!” Pat Lewis 1/20/13

“Dr. Daneille Bauer is awesome. Explains everything clearly & she makes sure you understand. Very polite & sweet. Debbie is warm & welcoming. The perfect face for the front office.”  Latoya & N’sya Mason! 1/8/13

Dr. Bauer: ” I would like to thank you personally and the staff at Dettmer & Bauer for the work you performed on my implants. They are comfortable and performing very well. I look forward to the many years of enjoyment with them. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! “
 John & Andy Unewitz 12/17/12

“As always the staff was courteous, professional and friendly. I always brag about “our dentist” and staff and encourage others to give him a try. Thanks for being there to insure we have excellent dental care.”  Sharyl

“My family and I have been coming to Dr Dettmer and Dr Bauer’s office for many, many years. Each and every time we have the best experience! Everyone is always friendly and kind. They each make us feel at home. When our oldest son was going to homecoming for the first time, I called Debbie and asked her a good florist for a corsage as I knew her kids had done this just a few years before. That is how comfortable everyone makes you feel. In such a large area with a large population, everyone at Dettmer and Bauer make you feel like you are not just another customer, but part of the family. Thank you to all the staff and doctors!” Denise Hendrickson 11/28/12

“I have been going to Dr. Dettmer’s office since I was in I think 3rd or 4th grade (I’m now 45). I’ve since moved a distance away but still make the trip because I think of them as family. The staff cares about what I have to say and it’s always good to see them when I go in. I’ve known Dr. Dettmer and Rochele as long as I can remember and have moved with them from a small office in the beginning to a little larger one to where they are now. I have also had the experience to have Dr. Bauer do my checkups and he is as friendly and caring as anyone can be. I am looking to continue visiting them far into the future.” Gary Eickoff 11/13/12

“Rochelle is the BEST!!!” 11/1/12

“Great job as always!” Martin 10/31/12

“The ladies in the office are all very nice, friendly and courteous. The office is always very clean and organized. The dentists are extremely knowledgeable and do a great job!” 10/21/12

“The administrative personnel are professional, friendly, and client oriented. The hygienist provided a pain free, comfortable cleaning and exam. Additionally, she educated me further on addressing dry mouth. I may be prejudiced, but I have never spent time with a more wonderful person and caring dentist than Dr. Bauer. I think he should expand his career options and run as a write-in for president! In conclusion, everything about the office popped!” Jane Bauer 10/20/12

“Great Visit –as usual” 9/27/12

“Excellent-No question about the outstanding service and attention. Thanks” Bob Dodrill 9/24/12

“I always feel comfortable when I come to the office, everyone is so welcoming. Everyone is friendly, Dr’s explain what is happening while they are taking care of you, make sure you are always comfortable.nothing is hurting. Debbie and Cindy are very on top of everything going on in the office and helpful. The techs are all great and do wonderful @ their postions. GREAT office, would not change perfection. Thank you everyone, I think totally different about Dentist offices since I have been a patient of Dr Dettmer and Dr Bauer.” Sue Glynn 9/24/12

“Going to the dentist actually can be something to look forward to!” 9/21/12

“Caught in traffic without my cell, I was late for this appointment. The staff for 40 years has always been friendly and professional. I have referred many people and they are all very happy with the service and professional attitude of all staff members.Thank you!” Andrea Unewitz 9/21/12

“Dr. Danielle Bauer, her team, & this office are extremely kind & professional!! Both of my girls actually look forward to their scheduled visits & always come away smiling!!! Our family will always refer this office to anyone & everyone!!!” The Ravals 9/19/12

“The staff and service is always wonderful!” 9/5/12

“Best dental experience ever. Thanks” 8/31/12

“Not a person of many words – everything was excellent as usual.” Jim 8/17/12

“I enjoy your aggressive move into digital communication. Kudos to Dr. Bauer! Thanks for the great service and extend my best regards to Marty.” Ed Walsh 8/15/12

“I have been a patient for over 30 years. I have always been satisfied with the care given by everyone in the office.” Robert Rauko  8/14/12

“Friendly and courteous staff. Keeps patients totally informed. Very positive scheduling – on time, on schedule – NO waiting.” 8/14/12

“Friendly, professional, personal, efficient, knowledgeable and modern ( but not overly so)” 8/13/12

“Dr. Dettmer is sooooo cute!” Suzanne Erskine 7/30/12

“The ladies of this dental office always make me feel welcome and special, like they are so happy I came in just to see them! Dr. Dettmer is caring, fun and professional and I trust him explicitly!” 7/26/12

“As always it was a good visit. Rochelle is great and you forget you are at the dentist 🙂 staff are some of the friendliest people on the planet.” Megen Campbell 7/26/12

“It was great! Thanks again” Blake Patterson 7/25/12

“All of you are the best, we wouldn’t go anywhere else for our dental needs. We feel very welcome when we are there. Thank you so much.” Jen Danca 7/19/12

My service was perfect!!! The staff is FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you.” Carolyn Wielgos 7/18/12

“Super” Stephen, Jr. Annoreno 7/11/12

“Dettmer and Bauer saw me on very short notice and I was received very pleasantly, loved the friendly people & hospitality! Thanks!”  Collin Hamman 7/11/12

“Appreciate Rochelle recommending electric toothbrush! Showed overall concern.” BOB RUTAN 7/10/12

“My recent appointment I arrived 5 minutes early and was seated in the examination chair immediately without any wait. The examination and cleaning began right away and was finished promptly. The hygienist took the time to detailedly answer my questions relating to teeth whitening. I am 44 and have been seeing Dr. Dettmer and staff for as long as I can remember. I plan to continue seeing Detmer & Bauer for as long as I live in the area.” 7/14/12

“Great experience. Everyone is so friendly.” Jane Gano 7/3/12

“I absolutely love your practice! Great doctors and staff. I always feel that I understand all my options prior to any work being done.” Cheryl  5/31/12

“Dr. Dettmer and his support staff are thoroughly attentive to their patients, warmly professional, and each performs his or her tasks with great skill. These attributes definitely make for a winning combination. Even with treatments which may be uncomfortable, the patient has a sense of their working with caring concern and full explanation for each element of the process. I am a thoroughly satisfied patient and happily provide a positive recommendation.” Kay Tooze  5/21/12

“Dr. Dettmer and Rochelle and Debbi and Cindy, Are the best ever!!!!!! I definitely tell everyone about you! Thank you for all you do.” Susan Skorburg  5/18/12

“Well worth the visit with a bicycle ride to make it better! thanks, Wayne”  5/17/12

“As always, it is a pleasant, positive experience when coming to dental appointments at Drs. Dettmer and Bauer. It’s interesting you ask about the cleanliness of the office because I noticed yesterday how nice the office and bathroom looked. During these challanging times, office space and bathrooms are the first places to suffer when making necessary cost cuts. I know this is true because I visit many buildings as part of my day-to-day job requirements.” Sherri K  5/11/12

“Rochelle is the best!” Susan Rogers  5/9/12

“I drive from Geneva to go to Dr. Dettmer…I started out driving from Rockford! He is the best!! Gentle and caring.” Beverly Hecht  5/3/12

“I really like Rochelle (sorry if I spelled that wrong), but she is always so nice to me when she cleans my teeth (well everyone is always very nice to me in the office). She makes me feel very comfortable and I like it when we chat throughout the appt. I HATED going to the dentist UNTIL I came to Dr Dettmer.” Janel  4/20/12

“I was in today to get a filling. After some very negative experiences with different dentists in the past, I was extremely nervous when I came in. I was so impressed that everyone in the office was incredibly patient and tried so hard to put me at ease, whether it was bringing me a stress ball to squeeze while I was in the chair, taking time to explain everything and just talk to me to help calm me down, or Dr. Dettmer telling me that he would go as slow as I needed so that I would feel more comfortable with the process. Overall, I had a much better experience than I thought getting a filling could possibly be. Thanks!” 4/19/12

“All of the above are reasons why I have been a patient with Dr. D. and his staff for 31 years.”
Margaret  4/4/12

“The staff is very friendly and professional! The best!” 4/2/12

“I’ve always looked forward to my appointments as the staff as well as the dentists are fabulous and have the latest technology and equipment. My husband and I have been patients for 40 years. We have recommended many people and they are all very happy as well. We love the staff and feel we are part of the family!” Andrea Unewitz  3/20/12

“It is always a good experience when I have my appointments.” 3/20/12

“Great dentist office and people.” Ovi  3/13/12

“Although I am a relatively new patient of Dettmer & Bauer (2 years), every parameter of my dental care has been excellent and exceeded my expectation.” S. Branda  3/2/12

“The staff treats my whole family as if we are part of their family.” Ken Janacek  2/27/12

“Always a great visit!!!” Becca  2/20/12

“I love Dr. Dettmer! I’ve always been very impressed with his professionalism and manner.”  2/20/12

“Satisfied customer of many years.”  2/9/12

“I would not go to any other dental service. I get my questions answered so I understand what is used in the procedure I am to have that day. I was told about what to expect and that I could choose novicaine at any time I became uncomfortable with what was going on. I know all the staff very well and they are very helpful and friendly. It makes a trip to the dentist stress free.” 2/9/12

“I and my 94 year old mother both had dental appointments this morning. When we left Mom said “Boy, that Dr. Bauer is really cute!” So, not only is the dental care terrific but Mom loves the “scenery.” 1/12/12

“Since I had a dental emergency, I was pleased that I could be seen so quickly, within an hour of my phone call. And, Dr. Dettmer even called me today to be sure I was ok. Needless to say, I am much better and was in good hands.” Candy Wiseman  1/12/12

“Happy New Year to all the staff and doctors. See you in March.”  Bob B 1/12/12

“Dr. Dettmer and staff can never retire!! You all are the best!” Susan Skorburg 1/06/12

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD

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