Natural looking smile upgrade!

Natural looking smile with dental veneers

A natural looking smile with dental veneers is possible, no matter what you consider natural!

Case of the week

Sharon’s natural looking dental veneers

Sharon was on a recent trip with her daughter and noticed how yellow and worn down her teeth were getting in the family photos.  Although she did not want blazing white Hollywood veneers, she did want to improve her smile.  Today’s dental veneers can be anything you want them to be.  We allow you to choose both the colors and shapes of your teeth.  You can see mock up versions both in replicated photos and you will have at least one trial version in plastic before settling in on a final porcelain version.  The steps involved can be found here.


Here Sharon is with a quick plastic version just placed over her natural teeth for her to wear for a few days and ensure she likes it.  The last photo is her final veneers.  As you can see there is a definite improvement, but not to the point that anyone would know she had work done.

Before and after image of natural looking dental veneers
Natural looking veneers can be done! The middle picture is the temporaries that were just tried in to approve the shape.


If you are interested in improving your smile, but don’t want everyone in the world knowing you have veneers give us a call for a complimentary consult!  For more info click here