Third visit – Wax try-in

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Third denture visit – Wax try-in

Third visit for denture fabrication.

Second visit    Denture problems

Third denture visit

Try in of teeth still set in wax, so changes can be made, 2 weeks after second visit.  This visit can last anywhere from 2-30 minutes.  If something is way off with denture then this appointment will be re-scheduled and the dentures sent back to lab.  This does happen occasionally at this step.

Evaluate VDO, fit, and occlusion. Denture occlusal schemes.

  1. Confirm upper incisor length and esthetics
  2. Confirm buccal corridor and lip support. Straight up 12 o’clock photo really helps show if too buccal anywhere.
  3. Recheck freeway space with “S” sound. “My zip code is 60667”. 1-10 fast and M,M, church fast don’t allow for them to adjust to make S sound.
  4. Check “F” and “V” sounds=incisal edge max contact inner vermillion border of lower lip “I visit some friends at the Brookfield zoo”
  5. Check occlusion CR=CO?

Evaluation of esthetics.  Preferably with spouse or other loved one.

  1. Check shade
  2. Check mould
  3. Check positioning
  4. Check large canine eminence
  5. Say “e” with squinty eyes

To make more life like

  1. Rotate laterals
  2. Minimize buccal corridor by moving premolar more lingual
  3. Rotate canine to show more of the distal aspect

Ask for pressed base (Ivocap and Ivobase) Not cold cure.

Can use Massad and Dawson techniques to check for neutral zone.  This will balance the muscles and allow for better seating of denture.  Massad cameo technique for upper can be seen here.

For more information you can check out our denture page as well.