Denture Reline

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Denture Reline – Tissue Conditioner and Denture Soft Reline Materials

Denture reline products vary primarily by what the chemistry of the product is. Therefore on this page I list products by their basic chemical make up.

What I consider the best denture reline material, tissue conditioner or soft reline, for a few common uses.

For permanent soft reline use Novus.
If waiting for dental implants to heal under a denture use Sofreliner S denture reline material but check cost and ease use.
For an immediate denture after extractions, use a tissue conditioner. For a functional impresssion use COE-Comfort.

All products bond better if processed by lab due to higher pressures and temperatures that they use.

Long term resilient denture reliners

  • Permasoft by Dentsply – cure in mouth 8-10 minutes then pressure pot 20-20 PSI for 20 minutes then apply sealant liner at end while dry (see A below) $11 to reline
  • Sofreliner Tough S/M by Tokuyama (see B below) $40 to reline
  • Moloplast-B by Buffalo (see B below)
  • Novus by Lang no plasticizer to leach out so stays resilient  (see D below)    

A. Acrylic based Resilient soft reliners

  1. Systems containing leachable plasticizer (very strong bond to denture but leaks and becomes rigid) best use = temp soft reliner
    1. powder = poly (ethyl methacrylate) or poly (methyl methacrylate)
    2. liquid = methylethyl or n-butyl methacrylate sometimes ethyl acetate
    3. plasticizer = di-n-butyl phthalate and others
    4. COE Super Soft, Permasoft by Dentsply, COE Soft by GC $5=reline
  2. Systems containing polymerisable plasticizer – doesn’t seem good Softic 49

B. Silicone resilient soft reliners

Silicone soft reliners have a weaker bond (so will separate) but they maintain resiliency since no plasticizer to leak out. Typically gets fungal contamination.

  1. Heat cured can be ground and then smoothed with silicone fluid – stays smooth longer than acrylic or self cure Kutlu 2016 JPD
    1. Luci Sof, Moloplast-b
  2. Self cure not as good – Sofreliner Tough S for 6-12 months M for 12-24, Ufi Gel SC  I think Mucopren Soft, it is PVS based and comes out of gun that mixes it.

C. Tissue conditioners (temp soft reliners)

Tissue conditioners never truly set like the acrylic based materials soft reliners above

  1. Poly (ethyl methacrylate) powder without methacrylate liquid just plasticizers
  2. Visco-gel by Dentsply or COE-Comfort $5=reline or Hydro-cast $4=reline or Lynal or FITT by Kerr
  3. Can wear for few days then send to lab for reline
  4. Can be used for final impression in functional impression technique
  5. If needed after extraction or preparing to fabricate new denture (ie when have been wearing ill fitting denture for long time)

D. Polyphosphazene based resilient soft reliner. 

A polymer of rubber with several polymers of acrylic to improve properties.

  1. Best material when lab does IMHO but expensive – Novus

CR rantings

Steps to make tissue healthy (can take weeks)

  1. PIP paste and adjust any show through spots, PIP until no show through
  2. Gently close while sets
  3. Check and adjust occlusion
  4. 48 hours adjust show through and place more

Bunch of other soft reliners (not categorized)

DentuSil – Bosworth Company
GC RELINE – GC America Inc.
Justi – American Tooth Industries


MediSoft Reline – Keller Laboratories, Inc.


Mega-Base Soft Reline Kit – EXACTA Dental Direct
Mucopren soft – Kettenbach, LP PVS based
MucoSoft Resilient Reline Silicone – Parkell, Inc.
Quickline – Sterngold




Silk Line – J. Morita USA, Inc.
SoftLine – Kerr Corporation
Sta-Soft – Holmes Dental Co.


StaySoft S.R.M. – Pentron Clinical


Trusoft – Bosworth Company
Ufi Gel SC – VOCO America, Inc.
Versa-Soft – Sultan Healthcare