Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report

Dr. Bauers family and general dentist

For those that don’t know this is like the Consumer Reports of dental products.  Clinicians Report (CR) is a company Dr. Gordon Christensen started in 1977.  It has been aiding dentists in choosing products, materials, and techniques that work well for their patients ever since.  It is one of the best assets a dentist can invest in if they wish to stay up with the amazing changes that technology are bringing to everything we do.  Gordon Christensen is the most highly respected prosthodontist in the world and an unbelievable blessing to dentistry, and society as a whole.  He is an amazing lecturer and dentist.  He is an all-around great man whom I have unlimited respect for.  I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice and Gordon lives up to his hype.  My wife and I also had the pleasure of meeting his wife Dr. Rella, who also works with CR, when we were at Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting one year.  It was during an award ceremony in which Dr. Danielle Bauer was being honored for graduating at the top of her dental school class and we were able to visit with Rella for quite a while.  She too is amazing person.

What CR does is that they check out products for dentists and see if they live up to their marketing.  They run lab tests in their facility on the products they evaluate and they loan out or give products/supplies/equipment to multiple doctors to try in the real world.  I was selected to test products for them because of my association with another doctor who tests products for them.  I had to submit some large prosthodontic cases and show knowledge of product/material selection as well as provide quality documentation of the work.  The approval process actually took about a year, but was well worth it.  Being a tester for CR is a wonderful way to find out what is new and great on the market place without having to buy every new toy that comes out.

So I decided I will blog about the products I test.  I get something about once a month or so to try out.  It can be anything dental related.  I didn’t take photos the first month, but will try from here on out.

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD