Why does a dental implant cost so much?

before and after dental implant

Why does a dental implant cost so much

Why does a dental implant cost so much?  The short answer is because they do!

Longer answer is a lot of it comes down to basic economics of supply and demand and the fact that dental implants are not a commodity.  Add in that only highly skilled doctors can give you one and that implant equipment and implant technology upgrades are highly priced, and you get a service that is pricey.

Dental Implant Cost with crown – $3,000-6,000

The entire process from start to finish to replace one tooth with a dental implant will usually cost around $3,000-6,000 depending on where you live and IF you don’t have any additional problems.  If you are looking for the cost of a full mouth of dental implants go to the bottom of this post to find the link.

What is the cost of a dental implant in your zip code?

To find out what the going rate is in your zip code you can go to fairhealthconsumer.org and then click on dental and type in codes……….BTW all these extra codes might answer the question of “Why does a dental implant cost so much?”

  1. D7140 or possibly D7210 for simple or surgical extraction if you still have a tooth
  2. D6010 for the dental implant placement
  3. D6056 or more likely D6057 for a prefabricated or a custom abutment
  4. D6058 porcelain crown if replacing one tooth (there are many different codes used for this that represent different types of crowns but using this will give you pretty accurate data no matter what)
  5. Add in the cost of some type of temporary of $400 to $600 (if needed)
  6. Add in bone graft if needed $200 to well, the sky is limit based on how much and what is used.  This could literally be more than everything else combined!

Why does a dental implant cost so much

When I add up the first 4 codes for my zip code the total is over $5,ooo.  In our office the fee actually ends up closer to $4,500 for the first 4 codes above.  Since most dental plans (I don’t call it insurance because it really isn’t for most people) will max out at $1,000 or $1,500 a year, much of this is paid for out of pocket.  You can reduce out of pocket fees by spreading the treatment out over the course of two years, and many times you must do that anyway.

Remember most offices give complimentary dental implant consults and even x-rays including 3 dimensional CBCT scans.  At Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics we offer both of those services.  If you live in the area and are interested in finding out exactly what your cost would be, call us for the complimentary dental implant consult and we will figure the rest out for you.  Remember  the question of “Why does a dental implant cost so much?” can best be answered face to face with scans or x-rays and models of your particular situation.


Whether you are interested in a single dental implant or an entire mouth full, we can handle your entire procedure from start to finish in one location.