Dental veneers upgrade a smile

Veneers with natural teeth

Dental Veneers case of the week

Sally was at the point in her life where her kids were out of college and she was ready to do something nice for herself.  She wanted a natural looking smile upgrade and was originally interested in saving her own natural middle two teeth and doing dental veneers on the rest.  We actually did that but within a few weeks she decided she liked the dental veneers so much more we went back and did those as well.  The end result was amazing!

In these first before and after Sally had decided she wanted to keep her front two teeth and I think the result was very nice and natural.   However………..

veneer cost
Natural teeth with veneers

Sally decided that she loved the look and shape of the new veneers and we ended up placing veneers on her two central teeth as well.  The final result is outstanding and Sally is thrilled with the smile enhancement results.

veneers cost
Full dental veneers smile

If you are interested in dental veneers or looking into options to upgrade your smile give us a call for a complimentary consult and we can review your options together.