Venous lake treatment – hemangioma laser treatment

Another successful venous lake treatment

We are seeing about 1-2 people a month now for treatment of lip hemangioma (venous lake treatment).  The procedure is very simple and typically only takes a few minutes.  The key is that the right laser must be used.  I have seen several patients that have had failed treatments from their dermatologist using CO2 lasers.  Those are soft tissue lasers that target water and thus destroy all tissue non-selectively.  The laser we use targets blood specifically.  To find our more click on our venous lake page!


Many of the patients we see for this treatment travel to see us.  Most call ahead of time and we try to get them to send a photo to confirm they in fact have a hemangioma (venous lake).  So far we have always completed the treatment on the spot for people that are traveling.  Then we ask that they send post op photos, since the traveling time is an inconvenience.  We charge and collect up front $600 for this treatment and do submit it to dental insurance but almost always get denied.  We currently do not submit to medical insurance for this but we give you the paperwork to submit yourself.  However, don’t get your hopes up.  It’s hard enough to even figure out how to submit, let alone get payment for something like this.  ICD-9 code (which as I write this is only weeks from being outdated is Venous lake (456.8).

Venous lake treatment, Hemangioma on lip

Hemangioma (venous lake) on lip  Notice he actually has a second smaller one we treated as well.  All part of our venous lake treatment

Check out this before and after we received from a gentleman we treated not long ago.  He drove up from southern Illinois and wanted to make sure he was coming for the right reason so he sent an iphone photo before hand.  I asked for and received a follow up three weeks later.  All he wrote was “AWESOME!  THANKS!”

Awesome indeed!!

To find our more click on our venous lake page!




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