Bone graft using PRF for dental implants

Wrinkle and pain elimination

PRF and Botox and Dermal fillers

Dr. Bauer attended the AGD course on oral medicine where was able to get more hands on experience with PRF for bone grafting and dental implants.  This was similar to his training taken at the Pikos Institute.  He also was able to use Dysport for wrinkle elimination and muscle pain relief.   Dysport is Botox’s main competitor and is very similar.

PRF is made by taking the patient’s own blood and concentrating the proteins involved in healing in a centrifuge.  The plug, what we call the resulting concentration of proteins, is then used in the area we wish to bone graft or as a membrane to help soft tissue heal faster.

Our volunteer giving blood to make PRF
Healing faster with PRF
Intra-lock centrifuge used to make PRF
Botox treatment
Dysport being demonstrated on the first patient.
Wrinkle and pain elmination