Implant that was not needed – Apical root fracture

horizontal root fracture

Did the Germans blitzkreig this case and treat more aggressively than needed?

Young patient has sports accident and fractures a front tooth.  Pretty common really.  So common in fact that there is good data and research on what happens when we watch these teeth.  Check out my horizontal root fracture post.

This girl has an apical horizontal fracture.  They decided to pull it and have this young girl go through at least a year of dealing with it until restored.  The trauma and cost of extraction and later implant placement likely could have been avoided.

horizontal root fracture
Root fracture so put in an implant? Why not wait?

So the survival rate of an apical fracture is 89% at 10 years.  That is incredibly high!  It is approaching the success rate of dental crowns and implants themselves.

apical horizontal fracture
Apical fracture survival rate

Why? Why? Why? Not leave it alone!  If needs endo (which I am guessing it didn’t) you simply fill to the fracture and can have excellent success!  I think this is a case of when you have a hammer………


Part of my series on cases I don’t agree with