Blue lip treatment – Is it a venous lake?

Cost lip hemangioma

Your blue lip or purple lip is…….Venous lake, varix, hemangioma, phlebectases?

All are fairly similar and can be easily treated with a laser.  Many people that arrive at my office from other medical doctor offices are calling them hemangiomas but I think almost all are actually venous lake or varix.  Here is a little technical information about blood lesions.

I have been treating venous lake lesions with a laser for several years now and they are very routine and safe.  Many people are traveling to see me, having found me online, and I often only get a cellphone followup photo.

Well I wanted to show a more common case, the type many people have.   This is Sara.  She has had her venous lake for years and it has slowly gotten bigger and bigger to the point that her lipstick is no longer hiding it.   About 20 minutes in the dental chair and she was lesion free!

venous lake, blue lip
One less blue lip!  Two week follow up.

Having done as many as I have now I have learned a few modifications in the procedure that are resulting in faster healing time.  I am now seeing total resolution in two weeks pretty consistently and not having a scab like lesion form at all.