Dental Implant Nerve Damage – Classify and treatment

imlpant or extraction nerve damage

Dental Implant Nerve Damage During surgery

Dental Implant Nerve Damage is a known risk for dental implant surgery.  It can occur at several different stages of the dental implant procedure. Diagnosing the cause of the injury is very important for how you treat the injury.

Dental Implant Nerve Damage Description and classification is found below

Best to start with some terminology to help define the injury.


anesthesia dysethesia
Terminology used to describe nerve deficits
dental implant injury
Dental Implant nerve damage classification

Dental Implant Nerve Damage After surgery protocols

Refer microneurosurgeon immediate if implant transected nerve and  in 2-6 months if know not into nerve (before one year is when microsurgery should be done) ask OS for guidance

If known traction or compression then remove implant and inject 2ml Dexamethasone (4mg/ml).

3 months is a good time and can expect 50-60% patients to have perceived improvement.  Here is a list of studies on microneurosurgery.

Take a post CBCT. There is another post on the neurosensory examination and tests.

Remove implant, bone screw, plate, or whatever is approximating nerve.  A shorter can be placed at same time.

Ice pack usage intensely for 24 hours and continue occasional use for one week.

NSAIDs and DexPak 6 day TaperPak

Photobiomodulation may be an effective treatment. Grissom JOE 2023

Misch and Resnik paper of post management

Dental Implant Nerve Damage
Steps to treat nerve damage from dental implant


IAN nerve injury treatment protocol
Misch protocol for IAN nerve injury treatment