Natural looking minimal prep veneers

minimal prep veneers

Minimal prep dental veneers with no prep temporary veneers

Case of the week

Mary was never happy with her smile, even after years of ortho.  As a young adult she was still somewhat dependent on her family for major expenses and needed help paying for what she wanted.  She knew in her mind what was deficient about her smile, but she had no way of effectively communicating that to her family.  Her mom asked me if there was anyway to show them what the final results would look like.  Fortunately I am able to do no prep temporary veneers that go right over your natural teeth and can be removed with no damage to your natural teeth.  I explained the process to Mary and her mother and that there is very little cost and no risk involved.  Mary and her mother were both excited about this and thrilled once Mary had the no prep temporary veneers on.

minimal prep veneers
Pardon the dust but this is what Mary looked like immediately after I placed the no prep temporary veneers

It was very easy to convince dad to go for the minimal prep veneers once he was able to see for himself the major difference it made.  He thanked me and was fascinated by our ability to let Mary wear no prep temporary veneers for 6 weeks as a trial version without touching her natural teeth!  Her final result is really stunning and she is thrilled with her fuller smile.

minimal prep veneers
Before and after minimal prep dental veneers

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