Two broken front teeth fixed by Dr. Bauer!

Broken front teeth on child

Teeter-totter vs. Devi

Devi lost 🙁

Case of the week

Devi came in for her first visit with us after a frantic call that her and her sister were playing on the teeter-totter and when Devi got off the board, still weighted down by her sister on the other side, the board flew back up and smacked her in the mouth.  The board had caught her straight on the teeth and broke her two front teeth.  The first day we saw Devi and her broken front teeth she was very nervous and a little in shock from the whole event.  We only had time to seal the edges so that the teeth were not sensitive.   The next day we were able to see Devi and properly fix her two broken front teeth.  She was still very sad when we saw her in the morning.  In less than an hour Dr. Bauer had her all fixed up and the look/smile on her face when she was handed the mirror was absolutely priceless!  She was so happy.  It really melted our hearts to see Devi go from a nervous, crying, sad, little girl to a smiling, giddy, little girl with a beaming smile!

composite veneer
Broken front teeth fixed with composite


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