Antibiotics and dental implants

Should you pre-med with antibiotics before dental implant surgery?

Whether to use prophylactic antibiotics before dental implant or dental implants are placed is controversial and you will find many different opinions.

What does the research say about antibiotic use for dental implant placement?

Meta-analysis COIR 2015 Lund 2% less implants lost but no benefit for routine implant in healthy patient

Lit review says yes.  2-3 g amoxicillin one hour prior.  Keenan EBD 2015  and very similar here Keenan EBD 2015 says no difference if use after surgery

A really nice RCT Kashani 2019 showing 2.2% failure rate with the antibiotic and 7.5% early failure rate without.

Antibiotics and dental implants

Interesting study from JoPerio 2015 found that 500 mg azithromycin seems to possibly be better choice than amoxicillin.

Misch protocol for antibiotic use and dental implants

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